Class Descriptions


  • Beginning
Teaches the fundamentals of Ballet to students to create firm foundation needed to improve and progress to the next level of study.  Students will work on proper alignment and posture, positions of the feet and arms, body and head, jumps and turn preparation, rhythm and musicality.  Class will follow a classical ballet class format: Warm-up, barre, stretches, and center and across the floor exercises, center choreography, and reverence.  Introduction and memorization of terminology will be emphasized.

  • Intermediate/Advanced
Barre and center combinations move much faster, and become more complex than in beginning ballet.  Barre exercises include more movements on releve and balancing on one leg.  Center exercises are longer and require more memorization and stamina.  Different rhythms are introduced.  Turnout bases on individuals ability and strength continues to be emphasized along with posture and core strength.  More types of pirouettes and jumps are learned while maintaining proper placement.  Single pirouettes become multiples and simple jumps are embellished with beats (batterie).  Head and arms are coordinated and synchronized.  Memorization of steps and musicality are further developed.


  • Jazz relies heavily on the dancer's classical ballet training and dance technique.  Jazz dance style is more structured and one of the most popular styles of dance.  It teaches rhythm, stage presence, basic to advanced Jazz steps, balance, coordination, turns, leaps, and routines form simple to complex.  Students are taught basic isolation moves which will further improve their dance coordination.  Learning jazz moves is crucial to success in other genres of dance.  It can combine styles such as Character, Hip Hop, and Lyrical.  Classes include: Warm-ups, across the floor combinations, and routines.


  • Tap classes emphasize the development and strengthening of basic Tap technique, and terminology highlighting the importance of rhythm and sound.  Tap focuses on rhythms and intricate footwork, creating a percussive instrument out of the dancer's feet.  Tap class incorporates: Warm-up, rhythm sequences, across the floor, and combinations.
***Other elective dance styles to be offered include:

Hip Hop