Courtney's School of Dance - Expect Magic!

  • Audrey's First month at Ballet class was amazing for her that she can't stop sharing with others what she has learned. Thank you for your patience and dedication.                            Thank you Ms. Kera!                                                                                                                                                           Audrey M
  • Dear Ms. Courtney,                                                                                                                                    I sent my niece Amaya to your school in February of 2013. In that short period of five months she went from being afraid of being in a room with strangers to performing on stage in front of hundreds of strangers, and I mean PERFORMING WELL!!!! She was so good she blew my mind. I couldn't believe it. Ms. Courtney, you certainly are a miracle worker. It's incredible how you brought that painfully shy girl out of her shell. She has so much poise and confidence now. Over the years, I've attended many dance shows such as ballets, Alvin Ailey, etc., and I'm very impressed with your school. The training and skills you provide those girls and boys with fill them with a high level of self- esteem, confidence as well as preparing them to move forward into professional dancing if they choose to do so. May I also mention the recital was SENSATIONAL. You and your team of professionals are definitely "A Class Act". Keep up the great work, and continue being there for the many kids who need you.                                                                                                               Sincerely,                                                                                                                                 Wanda Castle

  • Congratulations on the new studio!!! You made such a huge and positive impact on my life when I was little so I know that every single one of your students will be extremely blessed to have you as their instructor! 
                                                                 -Christeen Hodson 
  • I remember when you taught my class when I was little. I still have the pointe shoe you gave me and you had a huge impact on my life as my role model. I’m so proud of you. 
                                                                    -Molly Billstrom 
  • To Whom It May Concern,

  I met Courtney Mattheis nearly a year ago, when I attended her adult beginning ballet class at Hype Studio in Torrance. Taking my first ballet class at the age of 30 could have easily been an intimidating and terrifying experience, but Courtney was welcoming and supportive from the very beginning.  

Courtney’s passion for dance and for teaching is apparent from the moment you enter her classroom. She possesses a rare combination of discipline and kindness that makes it easy for one to want to work hard and elevate his/her performance. While Courtney demands nothing less than excellence from her students, she is always positive and always encouraging.  

It is difficult to make the next statement without sounding a bit dramatic, but I say it with the utmost sincerity: Studying ballet with Courtney this past year has been one of the most enriching experiences of my life. I look forward to continuing to study with her, and hope that others have the opportunity to work with her so that they might also experience what I have been so lucky to experience. 
Yours Truly,
Jana Ai Morimoto

  • Dee Brown Shuga — Very professional studio but yet warm n friendly... So glad we found CSD..! Hats off to Mrs. Courtney…!!!
  • Selene Orea — I totally recommend this place everybody is so nice and kind you csn feel the good energy when you get there, everything is 
  • Leonardo Gonzalez — two thumbs up!
  • Rossie Cuevas —Feliz de tener a mis hijas en esta Academia de Baile el progreso de mis hijas es mas y mas Super feliz con Academia coutneys gracias x el profesionalismo de este lugar! Vale la PeNA!!
  • Danielle Jenkins-Frierson — Awesome staff! Professional instructors! My daughter is always excited to go to the dance classes. She is learning real dance techniques. She Loves it.
  •  Mary Lewis- My grand-daughter started dancing recently and in the short length of time she is already more poised.  The instructors are professional and very patient with the kids.  The staff takes time to answer all the many questions and always is willing to assists. I feel it is top of the line!
  • Chamroeun T. - I love this academy. Its affordable, I have two kids. Girl is 6 and takes the weekend classes, ballet, tap, jazz, and stretch. Son is 8 and takes tap and technique. My kids love it and they get tons of exposure through expressive art. The studio is clean, the administrative staff are friendly and professional. They are strict when it comes to consistency in policies and procedures. 
    Overall folks its a nice tight knit community to be a part of. Courtney is all about giving back to the community through her teachings...Plus it's a great place to network!
  • Michael S.- As an instructor at this studio and at many other studios I have an abundance of positive experiences here.  In comparison to other studios, the fire in the children I get to teach separates them immediately. The kids show such a willingness to learn and grow with the arts.  The owner of the studio, who is also the artistic director, has been more than a pleasure to work with.   She shows so much respect for those around her, the teachers , students and parents. She is a capable woman, able to balance the needs of the children while trying to cater to parents wants and upkeeps the respect and discipline involved with dance. I would recommend this studio to any family or individual looking for a place to grow as a dancer while becoming a part of a family.
  • Matthew D. - I usually don't do this but I felt compelled to express my opinion about Courtney's School of Dance especially after their Cotton Club 2015 Recital. I was extremely impressed by the detail, time, and effort to produce such an unforgettable show. This was my daughter's first year at Courtney's. At first, I was not interested in enrolling my daughter because I felt that dance was irrelevant and in all honesty a waste of time (and pretty damn expensive). However my girlfriend convinced me to enroll my daughter in mid September. Being a busy dad, It took me a while to truly recognize the benefit of her attending this dance academy. Towards the end of the season, I noticed that my daughter improved with her flexibility, mannerisms, social skills, and most importantly her confidence. 

    Honestly, when my daughter first started, she did not enjoy coming to class. Solely because she was not used to dancing for a couple hours at a time. Eventually she learned to adapt to the dance training and appreciate dance much more. She hates to miss dance class. 

    Overall, I recommend Courtney's School of Dance because it is a rewarding outlet for young, talented and driven dancers. I'm definitely looking forward to next season and recital.